Taken in China, when I was 10-month-old. Mum’s smile is so sweet!

In a studio with my sister.

Mum was strong enough to hold both of us!

Cartoon: Greedy Sis. and Stingy Bro.




Birthday party in kindergarten.

Kindergarten Graduate.

Honestly, I don’t really remember things happened during my childhood. But every time I saw these photos, I feel I’m so lucky because I have my grandparents,  mum and daddy, and sister, and they all love me .


I got some shots in Festival Walk (a shopping mall in Hong Kong)

Poor me, I really have never seen a real snow show

that’s why I added a snowing effect in the picture.

The little bulbs and snows match pretty well,right?

I just wonder….

Is there a law stating that ” Loneliness and Single are not allowed at/on Christmas”?


That’s fine.

Christmas is Christmas


Why do I feel like Christmas is another Valentine’s Day when I hear someone say something like,

“Oh it’s Christmas! Do you have a date with your G/B friend?”


“Whaaat?you don’t have a G/B friend?”

“oh…dear….I’m so sorry about that….”