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Studying in Year 2, it’s toooo busy for me to write anything.

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The good news is

I guess I will be back

I know I will have many things to share….

Yes, France and Spain! I’m coming!!



When you see these words :

Are you thinking how to write them?
To write a chinese character is not as difficult as you think, because there are 8 rules for stroke order.

Keep them in mind!

You can also write a Chinese character in a proper way!

Stroke order 

1.From top to bottom

2.From left to right

3.From middle to sides

4. From outside to inside

5.Inside before closing

6. Horizontal before other strokes

7.Main body before tying it all together

8.Main body before the dot

Let’s try some simple words:

from top to bottom

from top to bottom (exception: not horizontal first)

from left to right ,from outside to inside, inside before closing

More then 2 order rules should be applied to most of the Chinese characters,some Chinese characters may have more then 20 strokes,¬†and you can imagine that how many rules they may¬†concluded. However, these 8 rules cannot cover all of the Chinese characters¬†because there are some exceptions. These special cases are more complicated and I won’t mention them here. The 8 rules above are useful and should be enough for beginners to write most of the words.

In Hong Kong , even China, many students write Chinese character with a wrong order.Writing with a wrong order is not about ¬†grammatical¬†mistakes and it will not affect the meaning of a character.However, the order rule is a key to write a proper , beautiful and neat character. Handwriting can reflect one’s¬†characteristic¬†and Chinese people always appreciate/respect the one who has good handwriting.

Follow the 8 stroke rules and try to write these words youself!


Let me know which rules you are going to apply!See if you have this talent to learn Chinese!

Challenging exercise:

This is Elvis.

I’d like to share many things in this blog

like music, culture , daily life, photo,movie, etc.

Because I’m a Hong Konger,

Maybe I can put something  interesting about languages

and Hong Kong/Chinese Culture here

Hope you’ll like it!

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